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Our association

Our project

Our project

Our principles

Through the daily commitments of its members, administrators, employees and volunteers, Entraide Pierre Valdo shows the value of its activity:

Entraide Pierre Valdo is a non-profit organisation complying with the1901 French legal definition, whose purpose is to outreach and assist vulnerable people and/or those who need protection, regardless of nationality, gender, religious or political beliefs.

Entraide Pierre Valdo is inclusive to all, regardless of their beliefs and opinions.

The association complies with the major principles and values of the French republic and is a non-confessional secular organisation.

In Entraide Pierre Valdo, we believe that a better world is possible, therefore, the association is committed to its core values: solidarity, fraternity, mutual respect and responsibility towards the children, youths and adults accompanied.

Entraide Pierre Valdo is determined to put the quality of its work at the heart of its acts.

Our activities

Entraide Pierre Valdo is known for its experience in supporting, sheltering and give access to their rights for most vulnerable persons.

The association works closely with the state authorities and other key stakeholders. Its activities comply with French and European Union legal and regulatory requirements and general interest.

The association serves vulnerable persons it hosts and/or accompanies, and its main activities are as follows:

  • Integration of statutory refugees and assistance for asylum seekers during asylum application procedures
  • Social and professional inclusion and accommodation for people in emergency situations
  • Children and youth: daytime leisure activities; specialised case management for minors under child protection measures; vocational inclusion for young adults.

Entraide Pierre Valdo is committed to its activities and values:

  • Keeps aware public policy evolutions that could affect its activities.
  • Contributes to dedicated platforms for strategic planning, coordination, and constructive advocacy.
  • Implements proactively with public authorities, finding best solutions for vulnerable people in precarious situations and implementing new services and structures if needed and relevant.
  • Innovates towards best general interest, negotiating resources needed to ensure quality commitment and working at all governance levels.

Entraide Pierre Valdo deploys its human and material resources in line with its commitment and its ambition to provide quality services for accompanying and sheltering its beneficiaries.

The association wants to maintain its ability to deploy new activities at different scales, including situations requiring quick swift action.

Entraide Pierre Valdo's determination to remain independent is the reason for the diversified financial resources strategy: donations and legacies, etc. These resources are additional to public funding such as grants and European funds.

By being loyal to its values and principles, Entraide Pierre Valdo’s improves the quality of its services to most vulnerable persons by engaging in an innovative approach, contributing to the development and the influence of the association.

Everything you need to know about Entraide Pierre Valdo is in the 2021 annual report, available exclusively in French. Read now or download